Swedish designer Jade Cropper unveiled her label in 2020, drawing inspiration from the empowering influences of matriarchal figures in her life. Breaking away from the minimalist stereotype often associated with Scandi fashion, Jade's brand has become a sensation among trendsetters, offering designs that fuse sensuality with environmental consciousness.

Each piece in Cropper's collection embodies versatility and sustainability, meticulously handcrafted from deadstock and recycled materials whenever feasible. With a distinctive allure, her designs redefine femininity, catering to those who seek fashion beyond the ordinary.

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A departure from the conventional Scandi style

Drawing inspiration from her grandmother's independent ethos, Jade Cropper infuses her contemporary designs with a spirit of defiance against conventional norms, celebrating the allure of imperfection. Her collections serve as a platform to empower individuals with a sense of confidence and attitude.

Cropper's aesthetic boldly deviates from the subdued conventions, ranging from form-fitting bodycon dresses to bleached denim and luxurious leather ensembles. Her vision radiates a daring sensuality, imbuing wearers with a profound sense of self-assurance and poise.

Jade Cropper: Highly coveted among trendsetters

Since graduating from Beckmans College of Design, Cropper's brand has soared to prominence, endorsed by celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian. Notably, Kardashian's endorsement of Cropper's criss-cross bikini catapulted the brand to prominence in early 2021, while Gigi Hadid flaunted a look from Cropper's SS23 collection during New York Fashion Week.

Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability lies at the core of Cropper's ethos. Her AW22 collection features deadstock materials, including leather off-cuts sourced from the automotive industry, while her SS23 line incorporates Circulose, a groundbreaking material derived entirely from textile waste. For Cropper, sustainability must be integral to the future of fashion

Discover Scandi attitude with Jade Cropper

For Cropper, beauty thrives in the unconventional; each design must possess a distinctive quirkiness and off-balance allure to captivate. Embark on a journey of style exploration with Jade Cropper's curated selection of sexy and sophisticated looks. From asymmetrical tearaway tops to twisted motorcycle jackets, each piece invites wearers to redefine their wardrobes with visionary designs that reflect individuality and confidence.

Scroll through the latest collection from Jade Cropper, and redefine your wardrobe with Jade's coveted designs.