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When visiting, we collect information about you to improve the overall user experience of our site. is using cookies, which are usually a small data file stored on your computer, tablet, smartphone etc. Cookies are used to keep track on preferences on our site, such as login and remembering items in a shopping cart. Information about your movement on our site is also stored to provide statistic data and to target ads etc. We use the information to improve our website and to provide you with the best user experience and the best content.

A cookie is not in any way harmful to your computer and does not carry any viruses. The information collected from a cookie (e.g. an IP address) is anonymous and cannot be used to reveal a person’s identity.

Third-party cookies may include e.g. Facebook and Google Analytics and are used to track user movement across several websites in order to provide data for internal statistics and to target content on social platforms.

If you wish to avoid us collecting information, you have the option to remove cookies from your computer (please follow the guide below) and avoid any further use of our website.


If you delete or block cookies, you risk losing several important features and services on (and other websites). Different content on our website may no longer be available to you.

Personal data is any information that relates to you as an individual. When using our website, we collect and process such information. E. g. when browsing our website, signing up for a news mail, registering as a user or making a purchase on, information is collected.

▪ We collect and process following types of information: a unique IP address and technical information regarding your computer, tablet or smartphone, geolocation, and your movement across several websites (cf. the section on cookies).

▪ When explicitly giving us permission, by entering your information on our website, we furthermore process personal data such as name, address, phone number, email address and payment details. This information will typically be entered when signing up for our news mail, registering as a user or making a purchase.

We use data to identify you as a user, to target the most relevant ads, to register your purchase and payments and to deliver services for which you have opted in, such as news mails or goods. In addition, we use data to improve our services and content towards you as a user.

We store the data for the period legally regulated by GDPR and we will delete the data when they are no longer of any need. The specific period depends on the nature of the data and the purpose of storage, which is why a general storing period before deletion is not applicable.

To the extent that data regarding your use of our website, ads you see or click, geolocation and demography is known, it will be passed on to third parties, e.g. Facebook and Google. The data is used to target ads.

We use third parties for storing and processing data. Our third-party collaborators solely process data on our behalf and are not authorized to use data for own purposes. Data such as name and email address will only be forwarded with your explicit permission.

You have the right to obtain information about which personal data we store and process. At any time, you can object to having your data processed. In addition, you can withdraw consent to us storing and processing your data. If we store incorrect data about you, you have the right to have them corrected or deleted. Please send any inquiries regarding this to [email protected]. If you wish to file a complaint against us regarding the processing of your data, please contact Datatilsynet.

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