About loyalty points

Learn how the points work and how to use them as payment. As a friend of the house or a prestigious guest, you will earn points on all seasonal pieces.

Read our FAQ about the point system below.

Everything you need to know about the point system

When shopping with us, you will earn points because we want to treat you with something extra. You will earn points on all seasonal pieces, and these points can be used as payment the next time you shop.

By entering the house, you will simply get a better shopping experience.

Read more about your benefits here.

You’ll earn 1 point for every DKK 33 / EUR 4,5 you spend. In other words, the points make up for 3% of an entire purchase.

Example: When shopping for DKK 1.000, you will earn 33 points, which are equal to DKK 33 / EUR 4,5.

1 Point equals DKK 1 / EUR 0,13

It’s entirely up to you if you want to spend these 30 points on your next purchase or save them to pay for an entire shopping bag later. You’ll earn points on all pieces*.

*Please note: The points do not apply to discounted products.

You will start earning points by creating a free account before placing your order. When you have created an account, you will automatically earn points when shopping. 

Create your account by clicking here.

You can see your earned points at your account under ‘My points’. You will find a link to your profile at the upper right corner.

Go to your shopping bag or checkout.

At the right side of the checkout page, a grey box will be appearing if you have any points to use. Here, you are able to choose how many of the points you would like to use for this order.

Then, click on the appearing voucher code at the list below.
Then click the ‘Apply’ button at the grey box. Voila!

We will transfer your points to your account within 14 days and they will here be visible at checkout and your account under 'My points'.

If you return an item, we will withdraw the points earned from that specific item from your

point savings. This happens automatically when we receive your returned item.

If you have already spent your points on a new order, the points will be retracted in the total amount that you are eligible in return.

Your points are valid for a period of 2 years. This means that you need to convert your points to a voucher within 2 years.

Want to get started?

Create an account and become a friend of the house or read more about the benefits by clicking down here.

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