EYTYS Footwear, a trailblazing label in the fashion realm, emerged in 2013 with a visionary mission to redefine contemporary style and break boundaries in unisex footwear design. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, by childhood friends Max Schiller and Jonathan Hirschfeld, the brand quickly gained recognition for its distinctive approach to design and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Evolving Beyond Footwear
The brand's journey has expanded beyond footwear, evolving to offer a comprehensive range of genderless ready-to-wear and accessories tailored for the post-internet generation. EYTYS' commitment to breaking norms and embracing unisex design principles remains a driving force in its evolution.

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Bold proportions and architectural inspiration

EYTYS Footwear collections are a celebration of proportions, confidently exaggerated and inspired by the graphic and powerful expression of modernist architecture. The focus on functionality is evident, with accentuated soles and limited visible details. Signature pieces like the classic Ortega Boots, bold Michigan Boots, and iconic Santos sneakers showcase the brand's dedication to elevating classic silhouettes for a contemporary context.

Multidisciplinary creativity celebration

At its core, EYTYS embraces multidisciplinary creativity, providing a platform to connect, interact with, and highlight creative minds globally. The brand's confidence extends beyond its sneakers, emphasizing the belief that anyone can be part of the EYTYS community in various ways.

Synonymous with fashion-forward aesthetic

EYTYS Footwear transcends the mere craft of perfect sneakers; it has become synonymous with a fashion-forward aesthetic that seamlessly blends '90s nostalgia with a minimalist and timeless vibe. With each step, EYTYS continues to make an indelible mark on the fashion landscape, redefining what it means to walk in style.

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Discover raw, bold, and chunky boots in premium leather and suede and shop styles including high shaft boots, Chelseas, Mary Janes, sneakers, and loafers.

EYTYS footwear is designed with an edgy twist, combining traditional craftsmanship with 90's aesthetics. Discover some of the brand icons like the Odessa sneakers, Michigan- and Ortega Boots, and the Santos sneakers.

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