Experimental approach and Scandinavian aesthetic
Presented by the brothers Julius Juul and Victor Juul from Copenhagen, HELIOT EMIL™ unveils a Ready-To-Wear collection that blurs the boundaries between form and function. Through their experimental approach, the brand ignites a semantic dialogue within the creative industry.

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Meticulous attention to the details

HELIOT EMIL™ embraces a subversive Scandinavian aesthetic, characterized by monochromatic tones. Their meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the custom-developed materials, fabrics, and trimmings to the carefully crafted hardware details that prioritize both form and function. By collaborating with premium partners in their respective fields, the brand ensures a continuous exploration of experimentation and refinement, maintaining a cohesive evolution of their aesthetic.

Designer Julius Juul draws inspiration from thought-provoking themes and a passion for creative expression, which is vividly reflected in each collection by HELIOT EMIL™. Since their debut in the spring/summer of 17 seasons in Milan, the brand has consistently pushed the boundaries of the creative milieu, crafting a distinct identity rooted in their meticulous craftsmanship and unique materials.

Looking ahead, HELIOT EMIL™ aims to solidify its position as a brand and deepen its dialogue with the creative community. The brand's core values will be explored without compromise, manifested through physical spaces that inspire new ideas of form and function, as well as immersive experiences that showcase their innovative nature. This continuous organic development is underpinned by a close-knit partnership with all collaborators, fostering a shared understanding of the brand's essence.

Embrace the future of fashion with Heliot Emil

HELIOT EMIL™ offers a range of fashion items and accessories within feminine and masculine styles and their assortment offers a variety of ready-to-wear such as jackets, coats, shirts, T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, pants, and shorts. These pieces often feature their signature subversive Scandinavian aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail.

Also, you'll find boots, sneakers, and other shoe styles and a selection of accessories to complete your look. This may include hats, caps, bags, backpacks, belts, and other fashion-forward accessories that align with their unique aesthetic.

When choosing a piece from Heliot Emil, you choose a label that embodies innovation, craftsmanship, and timeless style. With their designer clothing, you can make a lasting impression and express your unique personality.

Explore the latest collection, be inspired, and redefine your style. Elevate your wardrobe with visionary designs and make a statement that resonates with your individuality. 

Heliot Emil – where fashion meets innovation. Explore and browse our selection of Heliot Emil here.