Driven by passion and curiosity, Transparent's founders Per Brickstad, Magnus Wiberg and Martin Willers create technology products that are both interior design objects and sound great. The brand name also reflects a desire for open, honest and more sustainable business practices, and its design philosophy has won several awards over the years, including the Wallpaper* Design Award.

Their mission is to be the first circular technology brand to produce timeless, forever upgradable modular electronics. Through their speakers, they believe that all products should get better with time and that companies have a responsibility to clean e-waste from the world.

Bringing the listeners closer to the music
In the audio world, the term "transparent audio" refers to a speaker's ability to communicate a musician's true intentions to the listener. Transparents goal is to bring the listener closer to the music, providing them a rich and authentic musical experience. Not by embellishing the sound, but instead, celebrate the iconic, music-making elements.

Minimalistic statement speakers
Design is often used to give something a fancy finish, but the founders wanted exactly the opposite, by wanting to show the consumers, speakers as they really are and that they have achieved. Made from aluminium and glass – the speaker's material is chosen for its durability and ability to exist in recycled streams. The design team constantly working to increase the number of recycled sources in the products to close the material loop and minimise more waste than necessary.

The idea behind the bold, but timeless Transparent speakers was to create technical beautiful objects that blends into any background, becoming a part of any style, place or time.

Modules that are forever upgradable
Extending the lifetime of the products is the single most important factor to fight climate change. Therefore are all the speakers from Transparent is designed for a circular economy. Aside from durable quality and appearance, this means a modular design that can be repaired and upgraded over time as technology continues to evolve. This way, users can keep their product updated to their liking and replace only a small part, rather than replacing the entire device. The brand promise that all the Transparent products only will get better with time, and will do everything in their power to rid the world of e-waste.

So why Transparent?
Being transparent means that the brand stop pretending and speak honestly and at eye level with their users, supporters, and extended creative communities – simply, Transparent means that they openly share the passion and journey for great design and sound.

Our selection of Transparent speakers
The revolutionary speakers from Transparent are handpicked with simplicity, elegance - yet boldness - in mind, matching our emerging and contemporary assortment. Go find your favorite statement speakers among our selection, browse and find the large black Transparent speaker or go with the small Transparent speaker in white.

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