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Martine Rose is a British designer who has established herself as a leading voice in the fashion world. Over the years, Martine Rose's creative vision and talent have led to collaborations with several major brands, and she has been praised for her ability to take traditional menswear and give it a modern, provocative, and innovative twist. After studying fashion at Middlesex University and starting her first collection - the T-shirt line, LMNOP 2005, with a friend - the Martine Rose label was born in 2007.

Martine Rose has a strong connection to her Jamaican-British heritage and culture, and it is clearly reflected in her designs. Her collections are inspired by subcultures in the UK, such as punk, rave, hip hop, the dance scene, and football, which gives Rose's designs an authentic and genuine feel.

Especially from watching her cousins getting ready to go clubbing, Rose started going out at an early age and loved seeing what clothes and styling meant in those environments.

The vision behind her collections is inspired by elements from the rave and hip-hop culture of the early 90s and her interest in nightlife and the music scene has led her to use materials in her menswear collections that are typically more common in feminine clothing. You will find extravagant materials such as fur, satin, and lurex in a mix of funky and cool cuts.

Martine Rose has since received support from the New Gen initiative and continues to explore and push the boundaries of traditional menswear in her collections.

Martine hits the perfect point where she leads the way in development and creates an interesting aesthetic.

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A leading figure in the gender-fluid fashion

One of Martine Rose's defining moments came in 2017 when she collaborated with Nike to rework their classic Air Monarch sneaker. This collaboration elevated her profile and solidified her status as a groundbreaking designer in the fashion world.

Throughout her career, Martine Rose has received critical acclaim for her boundary-pushing designs and has been celebrated for embracing diversity and inclusivity in her work. Her collections often challenge conventional norms of gender and blur the lines between traditional men's and women's fashion, earning her recognition as a leading figure in the gender-fluid fashion movement.

Martine Rose's designs often draw inspiration from various subcultures and streetwear, combining elements of vintage clothing, sportswear, and tailoring. Her collections feature oversized silhouettes, unexpected proportions, and playful juxtapositions, which have garnered her a dedicated following among fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

Martine Rose has since received support from the New Gen initiative and has continued to explore and challenge the boundaries of traditional menswear in her collections.

Martine Rose - Eclectic and unconventional styles 

Among Martine Rose's collections, you'll find eclectic and unconventional styles that merge elements from various subcultures, sportswear, and vintage clothing. Go browse some of the iconic styles and characteristics associated with the Martine Rose.

Go shop Martine Rose's oversized and exaggerated silhouettes within jackets, coats, and shirts. Rose often plays with proportions, creating garments that challenge traditional notions of fit and shape.

Her range of shirts and jackets is particularly popular among fashion enthusiasts due to their bold and experimental designs. The designs combine classic silhouettes and materials with surprising details and colors, giving her collections of shirts and jackets a unique and eye-catching aesthetic.

The brand is celebrated for embracing gender fluidity in fashion. Rose challenges traditional gender norms by blurring the lines between menswear and womenswear, creating clothing that can be worn by people of any gender.

Martine Rose frequently incorporates elements of sportswear into her collections, such as track pants, athletic-inspired tops, and sneakers. This infusion of sportswear aesthetics adds a contemporary and casual edge to her designs.

Overall, the Martine Rose brand is known for its fearless approach to fashion, pushing boundaries, and embracing diversity. Martine hits the perfect point where she is at the forefront of evolution and creates an interesting aesthetic

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