Behind the Berlin-based brand Ottolinger are designers Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient who create expressive clothes for the brave and liberated. Ottolinger creations are inspired by their surroundings and base their expression on influences from the fashion-, art-, music- and social scene around them.

The two Swiss-born creators met during their studies at the Basel School of Design and shared common tastes and approaches to life, which inspired them to launch the avant-garde label in 2015.

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Ottlinger’s bold and deconstructed silhouettes 

The Ottolinger brand is renowned for its contemporary femininity that is liberated from rigid gender definitions and the conventions of tradition. The unique styles in Ottolinger’s collections are a mix of bold radical couture pieces in fine but deconstructed materials. Across the collections, you will find everything from cool printed mesh sets to military-inspired trousers, shredded skirts, string blouses, cropped woven tops, and oversized outerwear.

Ottolinger design - they are all unique 

Ottolinger design carries the word deconstructivism, which is both sensual and juicy but also pragmatic. The design is not centered on destruction, but the process in which something is built from scratch, constructed, or deconstructed. The two designers are not intimidated by deconstructivism, but see it as building something new, exciting, and bold, which makes the clothes more beautiful. 

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The women behind Ottolinger express about the designs are all unique. The design can be duplicated, but the random process creates a unique and unseen item - a one-of-a-kind. 

Eccentric, extravagant & empowering  

The Ottolinger couple takes their brand to new heights and dimensions each year with new collections. Science fiction, the future, the past, and the depths of the mind are themes that inspire the collections. The themes manifest themselves in characteristics such as eccentricity and extravagance, which differ from traditional conventions. The collections embrace diversity, and Ottolinger encourages courage, confidence, and the strength to break boundaries through their creations.

"We like the idea to empower people" - Ottolinger 

Christa Bösch & Cosima Gadient express a common motivation for creating clothes: "We like the idea to empower people and invite people to be part of our world."

The aim of their collections is to encourage the individual to stand stronger and see the world through their eyes. Their intuitive creativity, in conjunction with society's destructions, gives the collections from Ottolinger their very strange expression. Ottolinger's clothing collections reflect the state of the world, but at the same time try to show a new deconstructed, and future world.

We are Ellis Rosch

At Ellis Rosch, we are passionate about Ottolinger. The brand's collections speak to the present but are at the same time precursors of the fashion of the future. A brand that is not only at the forefront of fashion trends but with its approach to materials, also sustainability. 

We are passionate about a global fashion image and curated fashion from around the world that Ottolinger represents. Find a great selection of Ottolinger with us.