Toscanian family business

President’s is an Italian menswear brand founded in 1957 in Tuscany. The brand was founded by the owner of the Tuscan atelier, who was the first to produce Italian denim. Today, it is his grandson, Guido Biondi, who is the CEO and creative director of President’s, and who proudly carries on the family’s rich cultural heritage

“Made in Italy”

Due to the brand’s origin in Tuscany, it is also here Guido finds his inspiration for President’s designs. According to him, the Italian region carries a timeless beauty along with a rich tradition for local artistry and Italian authenticity. That is why all of President’s garments are made here and why they carry the quality label ‘Made in Italy’. Common to all the designs is that they combine a timeless and easy-to-wear silhouette with a contemporary and playful expression. It can either be in the shape of discrete embroidery or a dominating print, which is why the clothes from President’s never go unnoticed. The clothes from President’s are a celebration of the laid-back feel of Italy and the rich, traditional craftsmanship you will find there.

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