“Soft masculinity” – a mix of classy styles from all genders

Co-founded in 2016 by designer duo Jiyoung Ahn and WonSub Lee, is the South Korean brand within a short period of time, become known for their 'soft masculine designs and loose – but strict – silhouettes and the brand has become a synonymous within the Korean minimalism.

With the inspiration from traditional masculine apparel the label want to thus wishes to expanding gender boundaries and confronting the mass-culture understanding of womanhood. With the sometimes raw materials or bold shapes the brand really find an ultra-chic combinations of mixing the masculine silhouettes with feminine detailing.

Powerful & elegant designer clothing from Seoul

The brand want to embrace the inner light in every individuel and therefore the LVIR name comes from the French “la viere”, meaning “the light”.

The LVIR collections is designed and crafted by artisans of the LVIR house in Seoul who always work closely together in each step of the design and production process to create the beautifully, modern and bold outcome of every piece of clothes in the LVIR collections.

LVIR's powerful pieces are perfect for every person who is never afraid to express their personality in the every day.

Browse and shop our LVIR selection of soft knits, bold trousers, vegan leather skirts, tailored blazers and brave shirts.

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