Yuzefi is a British luxury handbag and accessory brand based in London, established by Naza Yuzefi in 2016. The brand has, within a short period of time, become known for representing innovative designs, bold silhouettes, and luxurious materials. The bags from Yuzefi come in many strong colors, but they are not made for one season only as the quality is premium, making them relevant for years to come.

Also, Yuzefi sustainable mindset is what matters – from design and choice of eco-friendly materials to safety and low waste in the production and use of recycled packaging, is their focus is to create pieces crafted from the highest sustainability ratings of any aspect of the circle.

Naza, the creative director of the brand, is of Iranian heritage, and her background has significantly influenced the design aesthetic of Yuzefi handbags. The designer was from an early age interested in creating. She designed her own dresses from her imagination, and then her mother would make them a reality. Naza’s talent is the result of her constant curiosity of the world around her. Besides, Naza is driven by her search for originality and new perspectives. Before creating her own brand in 2016, Naza was working for big names such as Christopher Kane and Heidi Slimane.

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Yuzefi is curious about the world

Designer Naza Yuzefi was deeply fascinated by creating and designing from a young age. Her dedication to finding new perspectives and original forms began in her childhood. As a child, she drew dresses from her imagination, which her mother turned into reality. Naza is driven by a quest for new perspectives and originality.

Naza creates her collections with aesthetic sensibility and curiosity about the world around her. She sought to continue and share the result of this by launching Yuzefi. Before starting Yuzefi in 2016, she worked for renowned names such as Christopher Kane and Heidi Slimane.

Nazas approach to design is about finding something new in the familiar. With her curious approach to the world, she creates fashion that will give her customers the same feeling of courage and originality that she discovered as a child.

Bold silhouettes that will remain relevant

Yuzefi gained popularity for its innovative approach to bag design, incorporating distinctive shapes, geometric lines, and unexpected materials. The brand's handbags often feature bold colors, unusual hardware, and a mix of textures that set them apart from more traditional luxury handbag offerings.

The brand's mission is to create pieces that are functional, artistic, and wearable, appealing to women who seek distinctive and modern accessories. Yuzefi has garnered attention from fashion enthusiasts, influencers, and celebrities alike, helping the brand establish itself in the competitive luxury handbag market.

Yuzefi's sustainable visions

Yuzefi's sustainable mindset is of great importance for design, material choices, and safety. The brand focuses on creating bags and clothing that meet the highest sustainability standards in all aspects.

Yuzefi works with one of Italy's most reputable tanneries, which qualifies for the Gold Leather Working Group standard. That means they have received the highest sustainability ratings in all aspects of their leather production, from traceability to chemical use, from work safety to waste management.

Yuzefi only uses by-product materials. This has been a priority from the start and dictates how each bag is designed. If the assumption arises that a design will deviate from the guidelines, it is discarded, and the process starts over. This thoughtful design approach allows for high-quality materials.

When it comes to recycled materials, Yuzefi uses vegan suede to line the bags, sourced from a reputable Italian supplier. As it has not been possible to line the bags with natural materials, the brand has thoroughly researched and found a lining that does not create new waste. This has been Yuzefi's responsible alternative.

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