The signature sailor knit

S.N.S. Herning was founded in 1919 by Søren Nielsen Skyt. Already from an early age, Søren’s income came from his own wool clothing production entirely. This kind of job was very common at that time. A drawing from 1923 shows that Søren was mainly creating men’s underwear, vests, socks, jumpers and tops – all made of warm wool. Søren’s bestseller was, however, the sailor knit, which is still in production today.

The old reciper

In the early years, Søren and his father would make wool items using old hand machines, which were used by many at that time. Today, all S.N.S Herning knit styles are made using new machines, but still following the old recipe. And there are strict rules when it comes to the knobs, which need to be placed right, and they need to appear in the right amount and with a certain distance as well.

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