Lala Berlin

Lala Berlin

Lively creations and loose-fitting silhouettes

Lala Berlin was founded in 2004 by the German Iranian designer Leyla Piedayesh who is known for her lively creations with iconic prints and loose-fitting silhouettes. The brand’s values build upon cultural diversity, ethical choices and sustainability – all of which Leyla has at heart – in her private life as well as in her job as a designer.

Kufiya print inspired by the Arabian Peninsula

The brand has particularly made itself recognizable due to the iconic kufiya print, which is a common theme in several of the brand’s designs. Originally, the print roots back from the Arabian Peninsula and is often seen on scarves traditionally used as headpieces in great parts of the Middle East. Leyla has taken the kufiya print and reinterpreted it in her design process as to bring some of the Iranian heritage with her, but at the same time making it her own.

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