Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe

Innovative & energetic

Paul & Joe is an innovative and energetic fashion brand, which has attracted positive attention due to their exciting colors and materials in so far unseen combinations. The brand was established back in 1995 in the beating heart of the fashion industry – Paris. Where else? It was the young and spirited soul Sophie Haggiag, who, in an age of just 28, presented the first men’s collection. Already the following year, she launched a women’s line, and ever since 2008, Paul & Joe has been one of the peaking moments of Paris Fashion Week.

Inspired by vintage treasures

Paul & Joe illuminate the monochrome wardrobe and create a line that makes fashion enthusiasts all over the world smile. Paul & Joe appeal to the senses and drags one on a journey to what used to be. Sophie Haggiag is mainly inspired by rare vintage treasures, making her designs a culmination of what is now and what belongs to the past. Our handpicked assortment represents Paul & Joe’s dynamic universe and thereby consists of colorful prints and exciting materials

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