Erika Cavallini

Erika Cavallini

Fashion as a language

Erika Cavallini is an Italian fashion house established in 2009 by Erika Cavallini herself. Already shortly after the launch of the brand’s first collection, the attention of fashion connoisseurs and the press had been drawn to the new designer, and very soon, Erika Cavallini had created her own unique identity. According to Cavallini, fashion is more of a language that people use to communicate and express themselves, while it is a way to get to know ourselves and others.

Italian classicism meets refined sportswear

Not only the interest of fashion connoisseurs and the press were awakened when Erika Cavallini marked herself on the red carpet for the first time. Also, celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Kendall Jenner noticed the talented designer, and soon, the blinding flashes of the paparazzi’s cameras captured celebrities wearing Erika Cavallini at every street corner and at premieres. Today, Erika Cavallini is characterized by combining Italian classicism with refined sportswear, resulting in elegant designs with a sporty and casual appeal.

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