Italian style with a modern twist

MSGM is particularly known for their ability to unite sporty and urban looks with an elegant and refined appeal – a combination done successfully by only a very few artists. Italian style with a contemporary and international twist – that is the essence of MSGM. We invite you into an exciting universe that differs from the normal and that will make you do the same.

A beautiful symphony of colors

It was designer and creative director Massimo Giorgetti and his passion for pop culture and contemporary art who became the very beginning of MSGM – an acronym of his own name. Giorgetti grew up in Rimini in the years of beach and club culture – a place emerging of simultaneous impressions and stimulated senses, which he, as a designer, showed to take advantage of. From his living youth, Giorgetti experienced how to harmonize colors and shapes into beautiful symphonies instead of disturbing noises.

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